Members of The Arts Society Wrekin and The Arts Society Wolverhampton together constitute a joint Church Recording Group. They make records of the contents and some of the fabric of local churches, producing written descriptions, photographs and drawings. Recorded items include memorials, metalwork, stonework, woodwork, textiles, pictures and framed documents, library material, windows and miscellaneous items such as organs and bells. This is part of a national Arts Society programme which has the aim of recognising, promoting and preserving the rich artistic heritage to be found in our churches.

Once completed the material is compiled into a book and illustrated with photographs.

Copies of these completed records are presented to the Incumbent of thechurch concerned, The Diocesan Record Office and The Church House Library (for Anglicans), The V&A Arts Library and The National Memorials Record Centre.

Follow Julia's regular accounts of the group's activities here for an insight into the work they do - you might even be tempted to join them!

Wednesday November 14th

Howard, Paul, David, Lin, Helen F., Julia.

To date we have recorded:

  • Memorials: most of the memorials and ledger stones; (Keith & Elizabeth)
  • Metalwork: basic work on much of the silverware; (Jean, Helen W and me)
  • Stonework: none;
  • Woodwork: most (a lot); (Howard & Paul)
  • Textiles: virtually all; (Caroline & Anne)
  • Paintings &c: all except for oddments in the 'Bishop's Room'; not the wall paintings; (Lin & Helen F.)
  • Library: almost all of the books and records held in the church; not the records in Shrewsbury and Hereford ROs. (Frank & David)
  • Windows: Just started; (me)
  • Miscellaneous (includes Organ and flooring): none.

For the future

  • We have reinforced the need to work closely with a partner, sharing work via 'OneDrive' or 'Dropbox' so that if one person is absent the other is up to date with what to do.
  • We shall continue to work together, coming together each week.
  • We shall have training sessions in the new year, on our own and with Shrewsbury. One on putting together and following a crib sheet on how to record and one on how to format information using my templates.
  • We may have to train ourselves on sharing in Dropbox.
  • We shall have a serious recruiting drive early next year. We could do with at least 6 more members.
  • Our next church really should be in Wolverhampton!

History Fair at Wolverhampton Archives, Saturday November 10th.

  • Paul and I spent an interesting day staffing our stall, with support from David Lin and Elizabeth.
  • There was, as ever, a fair bit of interest in St. Luke's church.
  • Paul may have found a photographer for the Compton Hall project.
  • We shall do it again next year.


  • Paul and Howard have answered a plea for help from the woodwork team in the Needwood group, to that group's great satisfaction. 

does anyone recognise this parable?