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15 April 2019Horses, Art and History
20 May 2019Debo - Mitford, Cavendish,Devonshire Duchess, Housewife 1920-2014
17 June 2019Birmingham Town Hall: The Pride of Birmingham and an Ornament to England
15 July 2019Two Great Collectors and a Dastardly Disperser: Kings Charles I & II and Oliver Cromwell

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Horses, Art and History Val Woodgate Monday 15 April 2019

“After God, we owed the victory to the horse.” So said the Spanish Conquistadores, and they were right. Human history would have been very different without the help of the animal which has served Mankind more than any other. In art the horse appears in many guises, all of which reflect human actions and concerns in one way or another – status symbol, war machine, beast of burden, sporting animal, emblem of injustice and fear, of peace and pleasure, and much more.

Val Woodgate is a lecturer and guide at many London galleries, incuding Tate Britain and Tate Modern. She is a former member of the teaching team at Dulwich Picture Gallery and runs courses at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester.