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17 February 2020The Art of Taking Tea
16 March 2020Protest Art - Social Art: Art and Politics do Mix
20 April 2020The Art of the Steal:Nazi Looting in WWII
18 May 2020Edward Burra
15 June 2020Leonardo's Women
20 July 2020The Bayeux Tapestry

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The Art of Taking Tea Gaye Blake-Roberts Monday 17 February 2020

For centuries tea has occupied a remarkable position in British society. The first recorded cup of tea was taken by Samuel Pepys on the 25th September 1660 and duly noted in his diary.

Tea was regarded as an exotic and fashionable commodity, commanding high prices and enjoyed only by the fortunate few.

However, over the years tea drinking gradually spread to all levels of society. This lecture will cover the social history of tea and the wares manufactured especially for this beverage.

Gaye Blake-Roberts is a design historian and the curator of the Museum at Wedgwood, where she has worked for more than 40 years. She has been Director since 2011. She is  co-author of the definitive book on Wedgwood china, Wedgwood - a Story of Creation and Innovation.